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LSL Digital was created out of need to fulfill the growing demand of La Sentinelle for development and infrastructure support internally.

We started operations in 2015 and we're today work with a small permanent team supported by a network of Mauritian based freelancers. The main objectives of the division being to develop and sustain digital services & products for the group, while also conducting R&D in areas that show a business potential both locally & internationally.

Brands we've worked with


Digital Services

VueJS Web Application Development
We architect and design your front-end application from scratch using VueJS framework and if your application requires a back-end to operate, we can couple a back-end built on Laravel or Python/Django.
User Experience Design
We support you in web design process and the walkthrough of user journeys for your digital services.
User Interface Design
We craft world-class user interfaces for your applications - Dashboards, Back-offices and others.
WordPress Based Web Development
We specialise in building single-page websites to fully-fledged multiple pages corporate websites.
We do custom development & integration.
Mobile App Development
We build mobile apps powered with Flutter on the front-end and with Python/Django back-end.
Data Warehousing & Analytics
We provide a unified service that handles every stage of the data lifecycle and puts healthy data at your fingertips.
Our main technology stack:
Vue.js Flutter WordPress Node.js Apache Spark Talend
Web development

Managed Services

Business IT environments are getting more complex day by day. You can rely on our systems engineers who will architect the right solutions for your IT infrastructure.

We build and maintain systems on top of Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Enterprise Linux using various open source software. We deliver groupware suites built using Nextcloud, Rocket.Chat, OpenLDAP, Postfix and other open source components.

We help and accompany organizations in their digital transformation as they modernize more of their business processes and expand their IT infrastructure.

Our main technology stack:
Linux Ubuntu Red Hat SUSE NGINX Nextcloud Rocket.Chat

“We migrated over 500 email accounts to our self-hosted email infra with the help & expertise of LSL Digital.”

Eddy Lareine, IT Manager @ La Sentinelle Ltd
Eddy Lareine, IT Manager, La Sentinelle Ltd
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People working on laptops

Our flagship project

One of the busiest news website in Mauritius

Managing high-traffic websites still remains a challenge for many. We are hosting and managing one of the most visited website in Mauritius,

10M+ Pageviews per month on average

5M+ Sessions every month

200K+ Visits on any day

15% Traffic from outside Mauritius

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